Why Beyond the Fence? Because there's an amazing world out there and no better way to explore it than with your dog.

Dogs are natural explorers, always ready to bound down new trails, chase new horizons, and follow new paths.  They leap and dance at the sound of car keys or the sight of their leash.  Any chance to be out in the sunshine is a time to celebrate, and so our dogs draw us out into the miraculous world around us.

Beyond the Fence specializes in adventure dog photography, in capturing the joyful spirit of our dogs and the beauty of the natural landscapes that surround us all.  Come and discover the beauty of New England, wander through the woods, listen to the birds sing, watch the setting sun, and experience it all with your best furry friend.  Together, we'll capture your dog's adventure as a timeless piece of art so that you can bring a bit of the outdoors home with you.

Find adventure with your own dog, be amazed by the endless beauty of nature, and bring a bit of it back inside with you as a timeless piece of art.  Photography sessions are customized for every dog - whether your dog is ready to race down the trail or content with a leisurely stroll, we'll find the perfect landscape for you and your dog to enjoy.

Living room with framed canvas hanging over the couch

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Is your dog ready to head out beyond the fence for his or her big adventure?  Contact us to schedule your dog's photo session today.