Why Beyond the Fence?

Beyond the Fence is about dogs being dogs – running, playing, sometimes rolling in the mud, and always wagging tails. We believe that our photography adventures should be fun for the dogs, which means all of our photography sessions take place outdoors where dogs can explore and just be themselves. Whether your dog loves running on the beach, climbing mountains, or strolling through the city, we’ll plan the perfect adventure for you and your dog.

Because there’s an amazing world out there and no better way to explore it than with your dog.

Based in Boston, MA, Beyond the Fence photographs dogs in landscapes throughout New England and in select travel locations.

Let’s go on an adventure!

We believe

Every Dog is An

Adventure Dog

Choose Your Adventure

If you could freeze one moment in time, what would that moment be? Would it be watching your dog race down the beach at sunrise? Or seeing your dog ahead of you on the trail as the mountains come into view? Or would it be a quiet moment in the park, a moment just for you and your dog?

Choose your dog’s  adventure, and we’ll help you plan all the details.

Bring the Outdoors Home

!Artwork should make you smile. It should brighten your day and bring color to your life. Of course, what could be happier than your dog exploring outside in the sunshine? Whether you’re looking for a collection of images or one stunning piece, we specialize in creating custom artwork that truly captures your dog’s spirit.

The artwork in your home should bring you joy.

Because we love the outdoors, we’re also committed to crafting our museum quality artwork using materials from sustainable sources and created using environmentally friendly practices whenever possible. Book your consultation to learn more about our processes!

What if?

The photography is beautiful, but what if?

  • What if your dog can’t be off-leash?
  • What if your dog is reactive?
  • What if you and your dog aren’t experienced hikers?
  • What if your dog is terminally ill?

We have adventure options for every dog!

Every portrait session is customized to fit your dog’s individual needs. If your dog needs to be on a leash, I’m able to edit the leash out of the final portraits. If your dog is happier exploring somewhere away from other people and dogs, I know just the place! If you and your dog prefer somewhere that doesn’t require a lot of walking, I can plan an adventure for you too.

Schedule a free consultation and let’s plan something amazing for your dog!


Lola is often nervous around new people, so I was worried this would be the case during her photo session. Instead, it was the complete opposite! Blue was so calm and patient that Lola immediately felt comfortable and had so much fun. I’ve never seen her warm up to someone so quickly!

~Nicole G.

Highlights & Adventures

Clementine at the Arboretum

Clementine at the Arboretum

I met Clementine and her family for a spring adventure at the Arnold Arboretum. What could be a more perfect way to celebrate spring than an adventure through my favorite flower gardens in Boston? Clementine is a rescue dog from Louisiana who hit the jackpot when she...

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Scotland: Aberfeldy

Scotland: Aberfeldy

Destination: Scotland What happens when 17 pet photographers from all over the world decided to meet up in Scotland? Something pretty special! In May, I had the opportunity to attend an informal gathering of pet photographers in Scotland, organized by the amazing Ewan...

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Embark Challenge Awards

Embark Challenge Awards

Six months ago, I joined Unleashed Education's very first round of their Embark Challenge. I wanted the motivation (and the deadlines!) to make time to work on my personal photography projects, to improve my skills, and to experiment with some different creative...

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Is your dog ready for his or her big adventure? Whether you're ready to schedule or just looking for more info, I'm always happy to chat. I would love to hear more about your dog!