Why Beyond the Fence? Because there's an amazing world out there and no better way to explore it than with your dog.

Beyond the Fence is about dogs being dogs - running, playing, sometimes rolling in the mud, and always wagging tails. We specialize in adventure dog photography, which means all of our photography sessions take place outdoors where dogs can explore and just be themselves. Whether your dog loves running on the beach, climbing mountains, or strolling through the city, we'll plan the perfect adventure for you and your dog.

After your dog's adventure, you'll be able to bring a bit of the outdoors home with you as a timeless piece of art. Whether you're looking for a collection of images or one stunning piece, we specialize in creating custom artwork that truly captures your dog's spirit.

Based in Boston, MA, Beyond the Fence photographs dogs in landscapes throughout New England and in select travel locations. Join us for an adventure!

From majestic mountains to vibrant sunsets and sandy beaches, we'll find the perfect landscape for you and your dog to explore.

Lola is often nervous around new people, so I was worried this would be the case during her photo session. Instead, it was the complete opposite! Blue was so calm and patient that Lola immediately felt comfortable and had so much fun. I've never seen her warm up to someone so quickly! - Nicole G.

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Are you struggling to keep your dog entertained while staying safe at home?

As much as we love the outdoors here at Beyond the Fence, we're taking care to practice safe social distancing right now. Of course, it's not always easy to keep an active dog busy at home! I've put together a guide full of my favorite tips, tricks, and activities, including ways to make your neighborhood walks more exciting, games to play with your dog, and even a recipe for peanut butter dog cookies (because licking the bowl clean while I'm baking is one of my dog's favorite activities!)

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Is your dog ready to head out beyond the fence for his or her big adventure?