My name is Blue and I'm the girl behind the camera here at Beyond the Fence. I believe every day should be filled with sunshine, wagging tails, and occasional muddy paws. The world is just filled with too many amazing places to spend life indoors. Because no adventure is complete without a dog, I share mine with an English Shepherd named Flint. Whether we're hiking, traveling, or camping, he's always by my side.

I like to share tips and tricks from my travels in the Beyond the Fence Adventures with Dogs group on Facebook. Come join us!

Blue getting her dog, Iris, ready to have her photograph taken
Iris, the Australian Shepherd, sitting in front of golden grass at sunset

A Few Fun Facts

  • When Iris, my Australian Shepherd, was diagnosed with cancer, I stopped everything and took her on a road trip across the country.
  • I love watching nature documentaries, especially anything with David Attenborough.
  • My goal is to visit all of the National Parks in the US.
  • I prefer sandals to sneakers but would really rather be barefoot.
  • I keep an electric kettle on my desk and drink more tea than I care to admit (but never coffee).
  • I have fine arts degrees in both painting and photography.
  • My happiest days are spent off the grid, wandering the woods with my dog.

Sharing the natural world with people and their dogs is my greatest passion. Are you and your dog ready to come on an adventure?