Iris’ Grand Adventure VII – Yosemite

April 26, 2017Adventures with Iris

After we left California’s coast, I stopped to have the car’s oil changed. I was chatting with the mechanic about our trip (and our Massachusetts license plates). He told me that we had to go see Yosemite. Because it was spring and with the recent rain, it was a perfect time to see the waterfalls … Read more

Iris’ Grand Adventure VI – California

April 19, 2017Adventures with Iris

When we began our trip, I wasn’t planning on driving all the way to the Pacific. I wanted to see the Rocky Mountains with my dog and that seemed like enough driving for one trip. As we were passing though Colorado, I started chatting with a couple from California who said if we made it this far, we really should go all the way to the ocean. They told us the best place to go would be California’s central coast … Read more

Iris’ Grand Adventure V – Grand Canyon

April 6, 2017Adventures with Iris

One of things I decided when we started our trip was that I would do my best to follow suggestions from people we met along the way. I had no plan when we started, and we were happy to explore anywhere and everywhere. If someone had a suggestion, I wanted to see where it would lead. The rest of our trip follow suggestions from people we met along the way … Read More

Iris’ Grand Adventure IV – Utah

April 1, 2017Adventures with Iris

We took our time driving through Colorado, stopping along the way to stretch our legs and hike as we drove through the mountains. We made it to Utah right around dinnertime. The weather couldn’t seem to decide if it wanted to be sunshine or rain showers, which made for an incredible sky … Read More

Iris’ Grand Adventure III – Colorado

March 24, 2017Adventures with Iris

Our next stop was Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. Not only is it one of the most dog friendly national parks, it’s also one of the most unique landscapes I’ve ever seen. Grasslands and desert shrublands lead up to tallest sand dunes in North America. Beyond the dunes, the snow capped Rocky Mountains tower over the landscape … Read More

Iris’ Grand Adventure II – New Mexico

March 6, 2017Adventures with Iris

My only plan when we left Massachusetts was to make it to New Mexico so that we could see the Rocky Mountains. After three days of driving, we made it to New Mexico in the dark and settled down for the night. I couldn’t wait for sun to come up again. We woke up in New Mexico’s high plains, surrounded by a landscape that was so completely different … Read More

Iris’ Grand Adventure I – The Beginning

February 22, 2017Adventures with Iris

My best friend is a little Australian Shepherd named Iris.  She’s my constant companion, my muse, and the inspiration behind Beyond the Fence. There’s nothing I love more than being outside with my dog. We’ve spent days getting up early and driving to mountains in the dark so we could be there for sunrise, and … Read More

Project 52: Natural Light

February 17, 2017Project 52

This week’s Project 52 theme is “Natural Light.”  Light is such an important part of my photos, particularly my landscape images.  I’m always searching for that perfect moment natural light, whether that means waiting in the cold for sunset or getting up before dawn to chase the sunrise. This week, I met up with Pavlina … Read More

Project 52: Love

February 10, 2017Project 52

This week’s Project 52 theme is “Love.”  This was a bit of challenge for me because in many ways, all my photos of Iris are love letters to my dog.  Everything I capture about her is something I love about her.  So for this week, I decided to focus on two things that Iris loves … Read More

Kennedy Puppies – Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

January 25, 2017Rescue Dogs

Saturday was a perfect day.  It was unusually warm for January, the sun cast golden light across the world, and most importantly, I was surrounded by seven of the sweetest puppies ever.  These adorable puppies, also knows as the Kennedy’s, are available for adoption from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue.  If you’re looking to add a … Read More