Project 52: Negative Space

January 20, 2017Project 52

This week’s Pet Photography Project 52 theme is “Negative Space.”    Negative space is the area that surrounds the main subject of the photo.  In this case, the negative space is the gray, foggy weather that we’ve been having this week and the main subject is my amazing little red dog!  Of course, it’s hard … Read More

Project 52: Black and White

January 13, 2017Project 52

It’s a new year and I’m so excited to begin a new (old) project!  I’ve participated in a “52 Weeks Project” with an amazing group of pet photographers in the past but for various reasons, wasn’t able to in 2016.  One of the things I’d like to be better at this year is making time … Read More

Jackpot the Swedish Vallhund

November 28, 2016Session Highlights

I met Jackpot and his dad at a beautiful park in Sudbury, MA.  Jackpot’s Around Town session took place at the beginning of last December, but I’ve kept his session a secret because it was a Christmas present for his mom.  I had so much fan capturing this handsome boy for her surprise! Jackpot is … Read More

Finnley at Dartmouth College

November 28, 2016Session Highlights

I met Finnley at the Dartmouth College campus in New Hampshire for his November photo session.  The old architecture was the perfect backdrop for such a handsome boy’s photos!  It was also the perfect place for Finnley to keep an eye on the squirrels who were busy getting ready for winter while we wandered around … Read More

Burke – Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

November 28, 2016Rescue Dogs

I met Burke and his foster mom at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain so we could capture some photos of him for Big Fluffy Dog Rescue’s website.  I just love the winter light and the Arnold Arboretum is my absolute favorite park in the Boston area.  Burke was full of energy and very curious … Read More

Buckley – Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

November 28, 2016Rescue Dogs

It was a cold winter day when I first met Buckley and his foster mom, but that didn’t stop Buckley from enjoying his walk in the woods.  Buckley was a perfect gentleman while checking out the smells in the leaves and enjoying the sunshine.  And just look at those eyes!  You really can see Buckley’s … Read More

Project 52: Sky

July 8, 2016Project 52

This week’s photo theme is “Sky.”  I love including the sky in my images, especially when the setting sun paints the sky in brilliant colors!  We took at walk and one of our favorite spots – a nearby cranberry bog.  I love exploring there are sunset because its beauty always amazes me. Would you like … Read More

Isolation: Use a Wider Aperture

March 18, 2016Project 52

This week’s Project 52 theme is “Isolation: Use a Wider Aperture.”  Shooting with a wide aperture is one of my favorite techniques for really drawing the viewer’s attention to the dog! This handsome boy is Duke and he is available for adoption through Big Fluffy Dog Rescue.  He is an extra special boy who is … Read More