Lacey and Ripley’s Adventure

August 16, 2020Session Highlights

I met Lacey and Ripley on a perfect summer day at their favorite park. Our adventure started down a winding trail through the woods while Lacey and Ripley raced ahead enjoying their off-leash freedom. Lacey showed off her favorite ticks in exchange for a few cookies and chance to chase her tennis ball around the … Read More

Honey in the Apple Orchard

August 6, 2020Dogs in Landscapes, Session Highlights

When Honey’s owner contacted me, she asked if we could do Honey’s photos at their home because that’s where Honey is most comfortable. As much as I love exploring, it’s even more important to me that we go somewhere that will be comfortable for the dogs. Of course, I agreed to visit Honey at her … Read More

Otto the German Shepherd

April 14, 2020Session Highlights

I met up with Otto for a walk in the woods just as the sun was getting low in the sky. It’s my favorite kind of light – that golden glow that happens late in the day. It was still early spring, so there were no leaves on the trees. That’s just fine with me … Read More

Remy and Arlo’s Fall Photos

February 18, 2020Dogs in Landscapes, Session Highlights

Meet Remy and Arlo, the Rhodesian Ridgebacks! I met these two happy, handsome boys in New Hampshire right at the peak of fall foliage. Remy was the perfect “big brother” and roll model for Arlo, who was still full of puppy energy. We started their adventure right in their own backyard where the boys could … Read More

Dogs and Fall Foliage in New England

September 4, 2019Session Highlights

In New England, fall is the season of cooler days, falling leaves, and warm apple cider. It’s also a season of vibrant colors, which makes it a special season for photography. I just love the reds and golds of fall, and the cooler days seem to put an extra spring in the dogs’ steps. If … Read More

Rufus By The Ocean

August 6, 2019Session Highlights

It was a perfect, sunny, summer day when I met Rufus for his adventure in Rockport, MA. I wanted to do something extra special for this senior boy, so we planned out a walk that would end with us watching the sunset over the ocean. Actually, the humans did the walking while Rufus’ dad carried … Read More

Luna’s Adventure in Beacon Hill

August 5, 2019Session Highlights

When I heard that Luna lives in Beacon Hill, I knew that was the neighborhood we’d need to explore for her photo session. It’s one my favorite parts of Boston – historic, red brick and cobblestone streets, and just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Public Garden. We started Luna’s adventure in the Public … Read More

Pepper’s Adventure in the Flowers

September 26, 2018Session Highlights

I love color, which I suppose is no secret if you’ve looked through my photographs. Whether it’s a vibrant sunset or a bright flower garden, I can’t resist capturing color. So of course, I just loved the beautiful red bow that Pepper wore for her photographs! Isn’t she a beautiful girl? We found the perfect … Read More

Chickie By The Ocean

July 20, 2018Dogs in Landscapes, Session Highlights

I met Chickie the Bulldog at one of my absolute favorite places – World’s End in Hingham, MA. Of course, the only thing that could possibly make these grassy fields and rocky shorelines more picturesque is a happy, wiggly Bulldog! Chickie has a personality just as big as you would expect, and she was such … Read More

Sonny’s Adventure in the White Mountains

February 27, 2018Dogs in Landscapes, Session Highlights

Last spring, Sonny’s mom contacted me to schedule a very special adventure for herself and Sonny.  She wanted to capture her handsome Golden Retriever with the golden fall foliage, so we began planning a trip to the White Mountains.  I knew the perfect spot – a quiet lake with a spectacular view of the Presidential … Read More