I loved seeing Lola's personality come out during the photo session. She was so happy to run around and play in the Arboretum, and Blue was able to capture so many amazing moments. Lola is often nervous around new people, so I was worried this would be the case during her photo session. Instead, it was the complete opposite! Blue was so calm and patient that Lola immediately felt comfortable and had so much fun. I've never seen her warm up to someone so quickly!
- Nicole G. & Lola

Lola the black labrador retriever mix
Lily and Rocco standing in the woods with fall colors

My favorite part of this experience was the fun we had that beautiful October day in the park while Blue was taking photos. My second favorite part was seeing all the wonderful photos she took. Before hiring Blue, I was afraid that my dogs Lily and Rocco would not be cooperative during the session. Blue is a true professional and had it all under control. My dogs loved her and she was armed with all kinds of tactics to get the dogs' attention. It truly was a positive experience all around.
- Claire G., Lily & Rocco

My biggest compliment when I've shown my photos and albums to my friends and family is that Blue worked REALLY hard to get these amazing photos! I always say that I never realized how complicated the process is when looking at the beautiful photos on your website, and I was really blown away by how patient and committed Blue was to getting that perfect shot - no matter how much of a pain Sonny was being! There's always a chance - especially with animals - that the shot you're hoping for isn't going to come to fruition, but that was certainly not the case whatsoever. What happened instead was gaining a treasured photo book and a day of memories I'll never forget, and I am very grateful I made the effort and reached out to Blue!
- Kelly D. & Sonny

Sonny the Golden Retriever
Taylor and Paige, two yellow labrador retrievers, in a field at sunset

Blue is great with dogs and has so much patience. My dogs have so much energy they hardly sit still. She was able to capture such candid shots of them in their elements and super easy to work with. The photos were amazing and I had a hard time picking which ones to choose. I highly recommend Beyond the Fence.
- Danielle N., Taylor & Paige

The photography session was a gift from my husband, which I was thrilled about. Such a unique present! I did wonder, however, how Blue would manage to get photographs of the two dogs, together, which captured their very different personalities. Throw in the Public Gardens as a location with all the distractions and my nervousness about the dogs behaving, I wondered if we would manage to get one good picture of them! In the end, Blue got so many great pictures of the dogs. It was remarkable. The location she chose was perfect and her patience put us all at ease, which resulted in photographs that perfectly captured Archie and Aggie's individual characters.
- Nicola R., Archie & Aggie

Archie and Aggie, two mini schnauzers, sitting together in the park
Two puppies running on the beach

I came to Blue looking to get pictures for my new puppy and my nearly a year old dog as well. Being puppies and at the beach, I was worried how the pictures would turn out as I couldn't let them off leash. However when I got my prints, the leashes were completely edited out and you couldn't even tell! Blue was great with getting my energetic puppies' attention and getting some truly amazing shots of my girls! They looked like two care free pups just having fun on the beach, not the two crazy girls I was wrangling and trying to get to pay attention. Blue was so patient with them and took as long as she needed to get the shot. She had several tricks up her sleeve I wouldn't have even thought of to get them to look and pay attention. She was great and I am more than happy with the pictures that came out of the shoot!
- Kyla M., Izzy & Gracie

I was absolutely amazed at how much fun my dog had during her session. She really enjoyed being a doggy model. Blue came prepared with treats and a toy to encourage my dog to participate, and once Blue started working the lens, Lani totally got into the session. Her inner diva came out, and my photos of her are beyond my greatest expectations.
- Tracey Z. & Lani

Boston Terrier sitting in the flowers