Dog Portraits

Epic photograph of two dogs looking out at the ocean
French Bulldog exploring Boston's city streets
adorable Newfiedoodle posing for a portrait
woman sitting in the sun with her Golden Retriever
Fun photograph of a aog shaking off in a pond with a ball
Corgi sitting on a cliff at Acadia National Park
Professional photo of a cute dog on a walkway in Boston
Happy portrait of a dog in the snow in Maine
Dog portrait in front of Boston's iconic skyline
Labradoodle with fall foliage colors
Dog standing in the creek in front of the dunes and mountains in Great Sand Dunes National Park
Toy Poodle dog on one of Boston's red brick streets
Australian Shepherd running on the beach on Cape Cod
Three dogs from the same family photographed on a beach at sunset
Greyhound standing by a waterfall
Action photograph of a puppy running full speed through the snow
Beautiful portrait of a Shiba Inu
Puppy splashing in the water at the beach
Stunning photograph of a black Labrador Retriever in a winter field
small dog in front of an ocean sunset
Australian Shepherd puppy playing the grass
Dog hiking in the winter in the mountains
Two yellow labs fetching a ball
Shiba Inu walking quietly by a lake
Portrait photograph of a rescue dog
Dog sitting in front of the Boston skyline
Springer Spaniel in front of a beautiful sunset
Dog sitting on a beach in Rhode Island
Doodle puppy lying down on a boardwalk
Cattle dog puppy running though tall grass
dog standing in a snowy forest
black dog running full speed through a field
yellow lab lying down with yellow fall leaves
Finnish Lapphund running through the snow
Dog standing on the rocks on top of a mountain at sunrise
Adorable rescue dog looking up at the camera
Landscape photograph of three dogs running on the beach on Cape Cod
Family photographed with dog in Boston Public Garden
happy dog running at a park
Two dogs in front of a dramatic sunset
Senior dog walking on a beach
Silhouette of a dog in front of a sunset
Portrait photograph of a handsome Golden Retriever
Unique photograph of a dog's ears
Amazing photograph of two dogs exploring in Acadia
Dog photographed in front of vibrant spring flowers
black dog smiling at the camera
Dog on beach at beautiful sunrise
Black Labrador Retriever sitting on the beach with ear blowing in the wind
Dog sitting in a field of daisies and looking up at the camera
Silhouette of a dog walking in front of a sunset
Labradoodle covered in snow and looking up at the camera
Small dog walking along the ocean with a gorgeous sunrise
Photograph of a German Shepherd in a garden
Dog sitting in front of the Boston skyline and Zakim Bridge at sunset
Photograph of a happy Corgi
Dog standing in the woods with big trees and fall foliage
two labradoodle puppies
cute dog in a grassy field
Landscape photograph with a dog looking out over the ocean at sunrise
Dog standing at the top of a waterfall
two dogs walking in Boston Public Garden
Doodle puppy posing for a photograph
Shetland Sheepdog sitting in field of wildflowers

Portraits of Sunshine and Wagging Tails

Every adventure is better when you share it with your dog! Whether we’re climbing mountains, exploring the city, or strolling though the park, our portrait sessions are all about happy, smiling dogs. I strive to capture natural, tail-wagging portraits that celebrate dogs-being-dogs and their bond with the people who love them.

Many of these adventures take place in New England, but I travel frequently, so please reach out if you’re interested in a photography session for your dog anywhere in the US.

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Is your dog ready for his or her big adventure? Whether you're ready to schedule or just looking for more info, I'm always happy to chat. I would love to hear more about your dog!