Dog Photography in Acadia National Park
October 10, 2019

Acadia National Park one of my favorite places on Earth. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and it’s one of the few truly dog-friendly national parks. The neighboring town of Bar Harbor is incredibly welcoming to dogs as well. Acadia should be on every dog’s bucket list!

Two dogs walking along the rocky shore at sunrise

There are paths along ocean cliffs, wooded trails through the mountains, inland lakes to explore, and beauty in every direction. With its unique combination of mountains and ocean along with amazing sunrise and sunsets views, Acadia may well be the most beautiful place in the northeast.

Dog looking out over a foggy lake in the mountains
Two dogs sitting together and looking the sunrise over the ocean

Are you planning a trip to Acadia with your dog? If not, have I convinced you to start? I’ve visited Acadia in every season, but my favorites are early spring or fall. You avoid the summer crowds and the dogs even get a chance to explore Sand Beach (below) during the off season.

Dog sitting on a rock on Sand Beach in Acadia
Dog looking up at the sunset on Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain (above) is the park’s most popular spot to watch both the sunrise and the sunset (with good reason! It’s beautiful) but my favorite place to watch the world wake up is along the cliffs. Of course, always with my dog by my side.

Dog standing on the top of Otter Cliff looking at the sunrise
Dog standing on a cliff looking at the beach below
Dog standing on a rock with the sun coming up behind him

I would love to help you plan your dog’s Acadia adventure and photography session. Contact me to chat about all the details.

*Please note – Always be respectful of our National Parks. All of the dogs shown here were on leash for their photographs, and the leashes were edited out of the photos later.

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