Ocean Sunrise with Hina
April 08, 2021

Sometimes, someone will reach out to me with a dog who needs some extra space during their photo session. Their families worry that their dogs won’t be able to visit somewhere beautiful because there will be too many people and other dogs around. My beloved Aussie, Iris, was very reactive to other dogs, so I completely understand these fears! While I would never want to put a dog in a situation where they won’t be comfortable, I’ve found that with a little extra planning and creativity (and maybe an early wake up time!), there are some really beautiful options for dogs that would prefer not to see any strange dogs during their photo session.

Beautiful Hina is one of those special dogs who likes her personal space, so we planned her photo session for a winter sunrise on the beach. It was a very cold morning for the humans, but Hina didn’t mind! And it was certainly worth the cold, early start to have such a beautiful place almost entirely to ourselves.

Black and tan dog sitting on the beach at sunrise

I just love the pink colors that happen during early dawn, and there usually aren’t too many people crazy enough to visit the beach in the winter before the sun comes up! We kept Hina on a long leash for all of her photos. The longer leash gave her room to play and explore, but it also kept her safe. I was able to edit the leash out of her photos afterwards, so it looks like she’s wild and free.

Photograph of a dog looking at sunrise

Mixed breed dog walking along the beach in Massachusetts

Portrait photograph of a dog

Professional pet photography of a dog standing on the beach

Dog exploring on Massachusetts beach

Dog pouncing on the camera

How cute is Hina’s “pounce?” She was pretty impressed with the cookies that I brought with me to help get her attention! She had so much fun running and playing on the beach (while the humans tried our best to stay warm!)

Dog enjoying sunrise on Salisbury beach

Dog running towards the camera

Black and tan dog racing along the beach

This was Hina’s first trip to the ocean, and I think it’s safe to say that it was a hit! I’m so glad we were able to plan such a fun adventure for this beautiful girl.

Do you have a dog who needs extra space from other dogs or crowds of people? It might take some extra planning and creativity, but I’m sure we can find the perfect place for your dogs photos.

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