Sonny’s Adventure in the White Mountains
February 27, 2018

Last spring, Sonny’s mom contacted me to schedule a very special adventure for herself and Sonny.  She wanted to capture her handsome Golden Retriever with the golden fall foliage, so we began planning a trip to the White Mountains.  I knew the perfect spot – a quiet lake with a spectacular view of the Presidential Range.  We’d be able to start the day with a hike and finish at the lake for sunset.

Of course, then we had to wait patiently through spring and summer for the perfect fall colors.  It felt like an eternity before the big day arrived!  I was so excited to meet Sonny, and when I finally did, he was an absolute sweetheart (I know, he is a Golden Retriever!)

dog standing in front of trees with yellow fall leaves

Sonny the golden retriever standing in a fall forest

dog looking at a mountain stream

We chose a trail that followed a stream up the mountain.  The real challenge here was keeping a retriever out of the water!  We were only mostly successful…  but it wouldn’t really be an adventure without a little mud, right?

muddy dog paws

dog sitting in red leaves looking up

Golden Retriever walking in a pine forest

dog standing in a path and looking back

After our hike, we headed back down to the lake to wait for sunset.  Of course, we had to take advantage of the open space for a game of fetch.  I don’t think there’s anything happier than a retriever with a ball to chase!

dog chasing a ball

profile of a golden retriever

Golden Retriever with tongue hanging out

dog looking up at the sun setting over a mountain

As the sun reached the horizon, Sonny looked up at the sky and I knew this perfect moment was worth every day of anticipation.  Sharing days like this with people and their dogs are why I do what I do.  Whether your perfect moment is planned months in advance or found in your own backyard, every day is worth celebrating.

If you and your dog would like to come exploring with me, let’s chat!  I’d love to plan an amazing adventure for you and your dog.

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