One of the best things that I’ve ever done in my life was making time to be with my amazing little red dog at the end of her life.  She’s been gone for nearly 7 months now, and I still think about her and our adventures every day.  I’m so fortunate that I was able to put everything on hold for a few weeks so that I could travel with her after her diagnosis.  Her illness certainly made me aware that there was nothing more important, or fleeting, than our time together.

While we were traveling, I loved seeing how much the ground around Iris changed when she would sit and look up at me.  I took a series of photos of her sitting as we traveled across the country.  Can you guess where we were just by looking at the ground?

Iris sitting in a field of dandilions

Iris sitting in green grass with pink flowers

Iris sitting on red earth with green grass

Iris sitting in the desert in New Mexico

Iris sitting in a sandy stream at Great Sand Dunes National Park

Iris sitting next to desert bushes and red soil

Iris sitting next to a bush of purple flowers

Iris sitting in a field of wildflowers in California

Iris sitting on cracked, dry, red earth

Iris sitting on dry earth, rocks, and purple flowers

I miss you every day, beautiful girl.  Until we meet again…




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