Flint At The Lake
September 27, 2021

I love “dogs in action” photos because the dogs always look so happy when they’re running, jumping, and playing. Over the years, I’ve photographed dogs running in fields, down trails, and across sandy beaches, but I’ve only met a few dogs who have fun splashing and playing in the water. My dog, Flint, loves water so I decided it was about time I got some photos of him doing what he loves most. On a perfect summer evening, we took a trip up to one of my favorite hidden spots in the White Mountains.

Juggling my camera in one hand, throwing a ball with the other hand, and trying to get down close to the water (without actually ending up in the water!) was a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, Flint was happy to chase the ball over and over again while I worked to capture the perfect photo.

Dog splashing in the water with a ball
Flint, the English Shepherd, jumping through the water with a ball

It didn’t take long for both of us to end up soaking wet (although I did manage to keep my camera dry! My camera is “weather sealed,” or as I prefer to call it, “wet dog proof.”) Flint ran and splashed and kept me laughing the whole time.

Dog retrieving a stick in a lake
Dog leaping in the water to catch a ball

We played for hours, alternating between splashing in the lake and exploring the trails around the lake. When it was time to head home, Flint just stood there in the water, looking at me as I started to walk away. I’m sure if he could talk, he would have asked for “just one more throw.” I looked at my watch, looked at the setting sun, and then looked at the hopeful look on Flint’s face.

Dog standing in a lake waiting for a ball

How could I say no? Of course, “just one more throw” turned into many, many more throws because I can never say no to that face. We stayed until the sun went down and made our way home in the dark. There are only so many perfect summer evenings, and I couldn’t waste this one by heading home early.

Dog playing in a lake in New Hampshire's White Mountains

That last photo was taken after Flint asked for his “one more throw,” and it’s my favorite photo of the day. He was right, we really did need to stay for one (and many more) throws! Our adventure at the lake is one of my favorite memories of the summer. 

Do you have a water loving dog? I would love to plan a “splash photo adventure” for you dog, whether we head to a mountain lake, the ocean, or a local pond! Contact me and we can chat about all the details.

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