Mount Washington Sunrise
July 03, 2017

Last summer, Iris and I woke up at 3:00am and drove up Mt Washington, New England’s highest peak, so we could watch the sun come up over the White Mountains.  The whole world was dark and quiet while Iris enjoyed a bit more sleep in the backseat and I waited for our turn to begin the drive.  With its ever changing weather and four distinct climate zones, Mt Washington is always an adventure, but there’s something really special about seeing it at such a peaceful time of day.

We pulled over just shy of the summit because the summit itself was still covered in clouds.  There were a few wispy clouds covering the surrounding mountains as we walked down a trail to find our own spot to sit and watch the sunrise.  The alpine zone is quite rocky and I carefully helped my senior pup find a comfortable place to sit.  Just as the sun came up over the mountains, the clouds parted and sun turned the whole word pink and purple.

dog watching the sunrise come up over the white mountains

silhouette of a dog on top of a mountain

Iris’ favorite activity was watching the world around her, and there’s no better spot in New England for looking down at cars and hikers.  We took a stroll around the summit with plenty of breaks for both of us to just enjoy the view.  This incredible morning was one of my favorite memories from last summer, and I’m so glad we were able to make time for it.  There was no better way to spend a morning than creating amazing memories with my special old girl.

Australian Shepherd standing in a field overlooking the mountains in New Hampshire

Did you know that Mt Washington only opens up the auto road for sunrise on three days a year?  There are only two dates left for this summer: July 30th and August 27th.  I would love to share this experience with two special dogs and their humans.  We’ll watch a sunrise like no other from the highest point in New England, and then we’ll be off for a hike around the summit. While you and your dog enjoy the outdoors, I’ll photograph your dog’s big adventure so you can bring a bit of the wild home with you.  If you think this sounds like an incredible way to spend a morning, contact me to reserve your spot.


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