Fields of Lupines
May 24, 2017

I always look forward to June because it means the lupines flower in New Hampshire!  Last summer, we woke up in the dark and Iris and I made the drive north to watch the sun come up over fields of purple flowers.  I love waking up for sunrise – packing the car at night and setting out into the unknown always feels like a secret adventure for just me and my dog.  When we get to a new place in the dark, the morning sunlight always reveals something amazing.

In this case, it was a misty field with a mountain view and a perfect, quiet morning with my pup.  It was one of my favorite memories from last year.

dog looking up at the sunrise over a field of lupines in Sugar Hill, NH

After watching the sunrise, we spent some time wandering around Sugar Hill.  Throughout June, Sugar Hill hosts a “Celebration of Lupine” with lots of fun events for the whole family.  Some events are more dog friendly than others, so make sure you check ahead.  Find out more and see a schedule of events.

Australian Shepherd in a field of lupines

dog standing in a field of purple lupine flowers

I’ll also be heading up to the area to watch the sunrise again this year!  If you’d like to schedule a sunrise adventure in the lupines with your dog, please contact me for more information.  Sunshine and wagging tails are the best start to any day, and an early morning adventure with your pup in the lupines is one you’ll never forget (I know I won’t ever forget an amazing morning spent with my girl).


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