Iris’ Grand Adventure V – Grand Canyon
April 06, 2017

The next stop of Iris’ Grand Adventure was Arizona to see the Grand Canyon.  See previous installments of our story:

Part V of Iris’ Grand Adventure: After a few days in Utah, we were ready to explore new places.  One of the things I decided when we started our trip was that I would do my best to follow suggestions from people we met along the way.  I had no plan when we started, and we were happy to explore anywhere and everywhere.  If someone had a suggestion, I wanted to see where it would lead.  The rest of our trip follow suggestions from people we met along the way.

When we were at Great Sand Dunes, someone mentioned that if we were going to see another national park, it needed to be the Grand Canyon.  Because Iris had been so fascinated by the overlook in Utah, I had a feeling she would love the Grand Canyon.  She does look pretty happy, don’t you think?

Australian Shepherd standing on the south rim of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is like no other place on earth.  Photographs don’t do it justice.  There is just no way to describe the immense size.  It’s the sort of place that you need to see for yourself (so I will pass along the recommendation to you – if you are in the area, go see the Grand Canyon).  At the south rim, dogs are allow to hike all along the top of the canyon, but they are not allowed below the rim.  This was perfect for me and my senior girl who really just wanted to enjoy the view.  Iris loved being able to watch people walking along the trails below.  We were on top of the world.

girl and dog sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon

As we walked along, watching the cloud rolls in and dodging the scattered showers the clouds brought with them, another rainbow appeared.  The beauty of the world around us was absolutely endless.

dog looking at a rainbow over the Grand Canyon

dog looking out over the Grand Canyon

We may have seen a view like no other, but the best part of the journey was spending time with the little red dog who was at my side.

girl and dog looking out at the Grand Canyon

As the sun set, the night started getting cold.  We hopped back in the car to continue our journey (and to find a warmer spot to spend the night).  The next day, we were heading west as far as we could go, not stopping again until we reached the Pacific Ocean.

To continue following our adventures, go to Part VI of Iris’s Grand Adventure.


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