Barnwood and Brass Desk Displays
September 02, 2021

As much as I love displaying artwork on the walls, there are also times when a smaller piece for placing on a shelf or on a desk is just what you need. I’m really excited to share two unique options that I’ve recently added to the Beyond the Fence catalog!

First up is the Barnwood Desk Display. Your dog’s photo is printed on metal and framed with real barnwood. This piece is freestanding, so it’s ready to display in a small space (I keep one of my dog on my work desk so I can see his happy face all the time).

Metal print with barnwood frame
close up of barnwood frame

Next up is the vintage Brass Desk Display. Your dog’s photo is printed on watercolor paper and displayed in a beautiful, minimalist frame. It’s another great option for a small space!

brass frame for display on a desk
close up on brass frame

Are you excited about the idea of having artwork of your dog? Contact me and we can chat about all the details! I would love to plan an adventure for your dog, and even more than that, I would love for you to have something special to display in your home.

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