Custom Framed Artwork
June 09, 2021

Here at Beyond the Fence, it’s not just about photographing dogs. One of the most important parts of our process is making sure that you’ll have a beautiful way to display your dog’s photos for many years to come (this is second only to making sure the dogs have lots and lots of fun!)

I offer several different styles of wall artwork including acrylic, canvas, and traditional prints.

custom framed print of two dogs
close up view of a custom frame

To go with the different styles of artwork, I have an even bigger variety of framing options. Pictured below is only a small sample of the available options. From classic wooden frames to rustic barnwood, I’m sure we’ll find something that matches both your home decor and your dog’s photos!

A variety of different frames offered by Beyond the Fence
different frame options

Are you ready to create artwork featuring your dog’s adventures? Contact me and we can chat about all the different artwork options!

Beyond the Fence specializes in Adventure Dog Photography. We photograph dogs exploring in natural landscapes throughout Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and beyond. Contact us to schedule a photography adventure session for your dog.

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