Framed Canvases
October 28, 2021

Framed canvases are one of my favorite ways to display photographs. Actually, this canvas is my Australian Shepherd, Iris, and it hangs in my office. The combination of the frame with the depth of the canvas really makes these feel like pieces of art. I have a variety of frame styles available to match your dog’s photographs and your home decor.

fine art photograph on framed canvas
photo showing the corner of a framed canvas
close up of the corner of a framed canvas

Below are a couple more framed canvas options with different style frames. You can see how the spacing between the frame and canvas really gives it a three-dimensional quality.

framed canvas with a photo of a Springer Spaniel by the ocean
framed canvas with barnwood frame and photo of two dogs in front of mountains

If you’re interested in having your dog photographed so we can create your own framed canvases, contact me and we can chat about all the details!

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