This week’s Project 52 theme is “A Day in the Life.” Flint’s absolute favorite part of our daily life is his afternoon walk in the woods (it’s my favorite part too). I usually leave my camera and my phone at home so I can enjoy time our walk without any distractions. Flint is growing up so fast though. It seems like he’s bigger every day, so this week’s theme was good excuse to get some updated photos.

Of course, his favorite part of the walk is getting to check out all the smells.  Little did I know, he was on to something especially interesting…

In the slushy snow and mud, Flint found a dead shrew and immediately rolled all over it.  He ended up soaking wet and muddy, which put an end to our photo shoot.  I guess that’s just a regular “day in the life” with a puppy!  And I think Flint was happy to enjoy the rest of the walk camera-free.

Ready to see how some other pets spend their “day in the life?” Next up is another local photographer, Darlene with Pant the Town Pet Photography.  Keep following the links in each blog post to see all of this week’s photos!