It’s the first week of a new year, and I’m so excited to introduce my new little “blank slate,” an English Shepherd puppy named Flint.  As many of you know, I lost my heart dog, Iris, early last year.  Life just does seem quiet right without a dog, so a few weeks ago, I drove to Kansas to pick up Flint and bring him home to New England.

sable colored English Shepherd puppy standing in the woods

English Shepherd puppy walking down a path

Puppies are so much fun because they really are “blank slates.”  Everything in the world is new to them!  Flint is constantly exploring and checking out even the simplest things.  He’s always learning too (whether I want him to or not!) He’s already figured out how to get on my desk to see what I’m working on and climbs over or around every gate in the house.  I can’t wait to explore the  world with him!  But the most exciting new thing for him this week was a snow storm.  This little guy had so much fun playing in the snow.

puppy standing in snow storm

English Shepherd puppy exploring in the snow

Flint the English Shepherd jumping in the snow

puppy running through the snow

puppy sitting in the snow with his eyes closed

The post is part of the Project 52 blog ring.  If you’d like to see more “blank slate” pet photos, check out Photography By Ashley Siemon in the Northern California Bay Area.  Keep following the links at the end of each blog post to see all of this week’s photos!


  • ok wait…. what’s your instagram name? I am really (REALLY) slow to put the pieces these pieces together but I recognize Flint. I commented on your insta post of him but it didn’t click at all that you’re Blue Amrich. And is the name Beyond the Fence new? Or am I just really slow? I’m so excited to see more photos of Flint. I’m happy that you have him.

    • My Instagram is @dogsonadventure You probably did see Flint there! Beyond the Fence is relatively new…. I changed from “Blue Amrich Studio” to “Beyond the Fence” a little over a year ago, but that was also around the same time that I stopped participating in the Project 52 group. I’m excited to be participating again now that I have Flint!

  • Congratulations on your new little one! What a great way to start off the year! This project will actually document his first year. 🙂

    • Thank you! When I looked through old photos of Iris, I realized that so many of them were from the Project 52 themes – I’m hoping I can keep up with it now to capture Flint’s first year!

  • Its so wonderful to have you back! and look at that little ball of cuteness wrapped in fluff. I often thought of you and wondered how you were going. Welcome back to the team! I cannot wait to see more. I adore puppies. They are full of so much potential. As you say- a blank slate waiting to be scuplted.

  • Congratulations, Blue! So exciting! And to have SNOW for the puppy – yay! Love your snow images – especially the first one with those perky ears 🙂 Looking forward to seeing this little one grow!

  • Oh Flint. You are adorable. Don’t you just love the way New pups look at everything as new and exciting! Gorgeous photos.

  • Congrats on your new addition, and an adorable one at that! I’m sure you two will have many happy years together enjoying your adventures and many new “firsts.” I can’t wait to see more of this fur face!

  • English Shepherd. I’ve never heard of that breed before. The pupper looks like a real ball of energy, but then again, aren’t they all?

    Great action shots in the snow!

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