This week’s Project 52 theme is “Catchlights.”  Catchlights are the the white highlights in the eyes that really bring them to life.  See the difference between Flint’s eyes (on the left) and Eva’s eyes (on the right)?  Because Eva is looking down, she doesn’t have any catchlights. Flint is looking up and you can see the sky reflected in his eyes.

two puppies digging in the sand on the beach

Now you might be wondering, who is Eva?  Eva is Flint’s sister!  We met up with Eva and their brother, Wyatt, for some puppy playtime.

three puppies playing together

two English Shepherd puppies running on the beach

one puppy digging in the sand while another puppy watched

photos of Flint and his brother Wyatt, two English Shepherds

puppies sniffing in the sand

Ready to see how the other photographers in the Project 52 pet photography group use catchlights in their photos?  Next up is Wag to my Heart photographer, Danyel Rogers, in Portland OR.  Keep following the links in at the end of each blog post to see all of this week’s photos.