Saturday was a perfect day.  It was unusually warm for January, the sun cast golden light across the world, and most importantly, I was surrounded by seven of the sweetest puppies ever.  These adorable puppies, also knows as the Kennedy’s, are available for adoption from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue.  If you’re looking to add a new member to your family, these little ones are pretty perfect!  Their mom looks like she’s mostly Golden Retriever and she’s also a love.  Really, there’s nothing better than puppy breath and at 8 weeks old, these puppies are ready for their next big adventure – forever homes.

black lab puppy tilting his head

lab mix puppy sitting in the grass

little black puppy exploring outside

yellow puppy photograph

puppy lying down in the grass

two golden retriever mix puppies

yellow lab puppy

puppy sitting in a field

black and white puppy sitting outside

puppy in the yard at sunset

yellow lab puppy playing outside

hound mix puppy

puppy walking through the yard

black and white lab mix puppy

black lab mix puppy looking at the photographer

Mom says she’s ready for her puppies to find their homes too!  If you are interested in adopting, contact Big Fluffy Dog Rescue for more information.  There are so many amazing dogs just waiting for a family to call their own.

puppy climbing on top on his mom



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