Finn the Adventure Cat
April 22, 2024

Photographing an adventure kitty in an epic landscape has long been on my bucket list. Well, my dream came true when I was in Scotland for a pet photographer meetup last spring!  When I heard that “Adventure Cat” Finn would be meeting us at Glasgow (with his two dog housemates and their dog trainer mom), I couldn’t wait to meet him. I was even happier that he’d be meeting us at what is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Scotland.

Finn has an amazing relationship with his person and loves to explore on a leash (his leash has been edited out of the photos). He is so bold and curious, and I had just as much fun just watching him explore as I did photographing him.

Photograph of a cat in a mountain landscape
Cat sitting quietly looking out at a grass field
Epic photo of a cat in the mountains at Glencoe
Two photographs of a cat sitting on a rock in the mountains
White and grey cat sitting in a field of golden grass

While it might be more common to hike with a dog, I know there are some brave kitties out there who enjoy exploring.  Do you have a cat or other unique pet that loves to hike? I would love to meet and photograph your pet! While it might be called “Adventure Dog Photography” around here, I’m certainly willing to photograph any sort of pet that’s up for an adventure (someday, I’ll have to write a post about the baby goats that we brought on an adventure for their portraits!) But for now, maybe my next project will have to be “Adventure Cat Photography.”

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