Scotland: Glencoe
December 14, 2023
Scotland: Glencoe

To say that Glencoe was the highlight of my adventures in Scotland would be an understatement. If you know me at all, you know that I’m always chasing after beautiful views and epic landscapes. As we drove towards Glencoe, I was completely in awe of the approaching mountains and my amazement didn’t end until long after the sun went down.

This first handsome fellow is Jasper. Jasper belongs to Craig from Craig Cantwell Photography (of Scotland). Jasper spent most of the week with us and he was the absolute best model! Doesn’t he just belong in the mountains of Glencoe?

Dog standing on a rock with epic mountains behind him

This next photograph of Xena and her ball might be my favorite photo of the whole trip. It was one of those perfect moments where everything comes together in the most amazing way. I love the way Xena becomes part of the mountainscape.

German Shepherd looking up at a ball that was thrown in the air
German Shepherd standing in front of the mountains in Glencoe, Scotland
Dog running with a ball in the mountains

As a herding breed lover, Border Collies are the first breed that I think of when I think of Scotland and Great Britain. Having the opportunity to photograph collies in Glencoe was a dream come true! They really do look like they belong here.

Border Collie standing on a rock in front of beautiful mountains
View looking up at a dog sitting on a rocky cliff
Beautiful border collie sitting on rocky steps in front of a small, white house in the mountains of Scotland
Cute photograph of a border collie resting on a rock wall

Even though they seem like an odd couple, Xena the German Shepherd and Hollie the Beagle are from the same family. While my day was spent behind the camera, Xena and Hollie enjoyed exploring, eating lots of treats, chasing tennis balls, and being absolute rock star models!

Photograph of a German Shepherd and a Beagle posing in front of mountains
A very cute Beagle standing on a rock in Glencoe
Epic portrait of a dog in front of the mountains in Glencoe, Scotland

Thank you to Jasper, Xena, Hollie, and Nova for being such amazing models for our adventure in Glencoe! There was actually one more pet that I photographed in Glencoe, but he’s so special, he’s getting his own blog post. Can you guess what kind of pet he is? (Hint – he’s not a dog!)

New Hampshire’s White Mountains aren’t quite the same as Glencoe, but they’re absolutely epic in their own way. Does your dog love exploring in the mountains? Contact me and let’s plan an adventure for your dog!

If you’d like to see more of the beautiful places we visited in Scotland (and the wonderful dogs we met along the way!), check out the rest of the blog posts in this series.


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