Exploring Boston’s South End
November 08, 2021

I met Sprocket and Clio early in the morning at one of my favorite street corners in Boston’s South End. Sprocket and Clio’s home is in the South End, and I wanted to include their beautiful neighborhood as part of their photo session adventure. I just love Boston’s red brick walkways and historical row houses, and it was the perfect backdrop for two adorable Schnauzers.

puppy on red brick sidewalk in Boston's South End
Two schnauzers on a red brick sidewalk
Schnauzer puppy walking down the sidewalk

We took our time walking around the neighborhood, and Sproket and Clio had lots of fun showing me around! I love the early morning light coming through the trees in this next photo of Sprocket.

photograph of a miniature Schnauzer
Miniature Schnauzer dog standing on the steps of a brownhouse
two adorable dogs photographed on a street corner in Boston

How cute are they?! Sprocket and Clio enjoyed their walk while I kept an eye out for different colors and places to photograph. Working with dogs is always so much fun because they always have ideas of their own about just where to go and how to pose. And the dogs are usually right!

small dog perched on the steps of a building
two dogs photographed on the steps in Boston's historic South End

Exploring the South End with Sprocket and Clio was such a fun adventure! If you’d like to have your dog photographed in Boston’s South End (or any other neighborhood in Boston), contact me and I would love to plan a photography session for your dog.

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