Clementine at the Arboretum
October 01, 2023

I met Clementine and her family for a spring adventure at the Arnold Arboretum. What could be a more perfect way to celebrate spring than an adventure through my favorite flower gardens in Boston?

Clementine is a rescue dog from Louisiana who hit the jackpot when she made her way to New England to live with her new family. Her family described her as “an incredibly sweet soul,” and I can say, that’s absolutely true!

Very cute dog in front of a bright red bush

One of my favorite things about visiting the Arnold Arboretum is that that I always find something different flowering. I never know quite what to expect, but it’s always beautiful. I think dogs are the same – even if you don’t know how your dog is going to behave for their portraits, I guarantee, their personality will shine through!

I made it to the arboretum early so that I could take a look around before Clementine and her family arrived, and I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered this field of yellow flowers. It was the perfect place to let Clementine play and explore.

dog walking in the flowers at the Arnold Arboretum
terrier dog sitting between her owner's feet
adorable dog playing in a field of flowers
Two photographs of a dog. Once is in front of lilac flowers and one of of a happy, running dog
dog portrait photographed in front of a flowering tree at the Arnold Arboretum

I had so much fun exploring the arboretum with sweet Clementine! I think Clementine’s joy really shows in her portraits. Do you have a rescue dog that would love a day exploring a beautiful flower garden? Let me know in the comments!

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