Finnley at Dartmouth College
November 28, 2016

I met Finnley at the Dartmouth College campus in New Hampshire for his November photo session.  The old architecture was the perfect backdrop for such a handsome boy’s photos!  It was also the perfect place for Finnley to keep an eye on the squirrels who were busy getting ready for winter while we wandered around the campus.

Finnley was recently adopted and he is just the happiest boy.  He’s definitely living the good life now with his new dad.  And doesn’t he have the best slightly-mismatched ears?

dog sitting in front of an old doorway at Dartmouth College

black lab mix dog panting

dog sitting in front of the Dartmouth College campus buildings

If you’re interested in an Around Town photography session like Finnley’s for your dog, contact me to schedule your session.  As you can see from Finnley’s late fall session, there is beauty in every season!

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