Greyhound Adventures in Boston
June 29, 2017

Meet the Artful Dodger! Dodger is a retired racing greyhound. He ran in more than 100 races in West Virginia and now he’s happily spending his retirement on a couch in Boston. To celebrate his new life, we spent an evening exploring the city. Even though he’s never seen a city before, he took everything in stride.

Our first stop was the Boston Common and Public Garden. Dodger was absolutely fascinated by flying kites.  As we made our way around the park, we spent some time watching the duck boats (although I think Dodger was more interested in the real ducks).  Then Dodger was quite happy to pose in exchange for a few cookies.

photos of greyhound standing on Acorn Street and in Boston Public Garden

greyhound running in a field

close up photo of a greyhound's face

Of course, my favorite thing about the Public Garden in the spring is all the tulips.  I couldn’t believe the tulips that were almost as high as the very tall Dodger!

portraits of a white and brindle greyhound in a garden

greyhound standing near the tulips in Boston

white dog standing in front of red tulips

After exploring the gardens, we brought Dodger over to the Seaport District so we could watch the sunset over the harbor.  Although the clouds ended up blocking the sunset, we were still able to enjoy one of my favorite views of the city.

greyhound standing in front of Boston Harbor

Are you wondering how we were able to have Dodger off-leash in the city?  Well, the secret is that we didn’t!  For safety, Dodger was on a leash for all of his photos.  If you’d like to see “behind the scenes” for how we created Dodger’s photos while keeping him safe, check out Behind the Scenes: Leashes.


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