Honey in the Apple Orchard
August 06, 2020

When Honey’s owner contacted me, she asked if we could do Honey’s photos at their home because that’s where Honey is most comfortable. As much as I love exploring, it’s even more important to me that we go somewhere that will be comfortable for the dogs. Of course, I agreed to visit Honey at her home. I knew ahead of time that Honey lived on an apple orchard, but I wasn’t really prepared for just how beautiful it would be.

dog lying down in a field of clover
Honey spent the whole session running. exploring, and leading me all around the fields and between the apple trees.
Honey the border collie mix jumping in the tall grass
portrait of a dog looking at the camera and panting
Honey the dog walking through tall grass
portrait of Honey tilting her head and looking at the camera

While we were exploring, we found this beautiful area of tall grass, and Honey paused for a minute with her mom. I love the way you can really see their bond in this photo!

Honey the dog sitting and facing her owner. Honey's paw is on her owner's hand and there is golden sunshine all around them.

As the sun started going down, we made our way up the hill in search of a sunset view. Honey led us to the perfect clearing where we could watch the sky turn all sorts of amazing colors as the sun went down. Honey figured out that looking at the camera meant she got lots of cookies, so she was happy to model for me.

Photo of a dog standing in a field of green grass with the sunset behind her
Honey the dog sitting by the apple trees with the sunset behind her.

Thank you, Honey, for sharing your beautiful apple orchard with me!

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