Jackpot the Swedish Vallhund
November 28, 2016

I met Jackpot and his dad at a beautiful park in Sudbury, MA.  Jackpot’s Around Town session took place at the beginning of last December, but I’ve kept his session a secret because it was a Christmas present for his mom.  I had so much fan capturing this handsome boy for her surprise!

Jackpot is a Swedish Vallhund and he’s the first of his breed that I’ve met.  I have to admit, I’m quite in love with Jack.  He has such a big personality!

Swedish Vallhund standing in tall, golden grass at sunset

dog standing in tall grass and looking up

Even though the days are short at this time of year, the golden light of late fall is my favorite.  I’m always amazed by the beauty in every little corner of the world, and this simple field was no exception.  Of course, it helps to have a subject who is as adorable as Jack.  Look at that smile!

Sweedish Vallhund dog sitting

dog running in a field of green grass

close up photo of a dog's ears and a close up photo of a dog's curled tail

Swedish Vallhund dog standing in a field

a photo of a dog walking toward the camera and a photo of a dog barking

Of course, he let me know exactly what he thought about how quickly I was giving him his cookies.  Silly boy!

portrait of a Swedish Vallhund dog

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