Kota and Brady in the Flowers
August 13, 2021

I met Kota and Brady on a perfect summer evening at one of my favorite flower gardens (I know, I know! I do say that about every place I visit. I think all of nature is beautiful, the same way that every dog I photograph quickly becomes one of my favorites!) Kota and Brady were both so happy to be outside exploring in the sunshine. We took our time wandering around the park while Kota and Brady showed how regal and beautiful German Shepherds are.

portrait photographs of German Shepherd Dogs
dog walking between pine trees
adorable photo of a dog smiling at the camera

My favorite thing about photographing in flower gardens is how different the gardens look each time I visit. The flowers that are at their peak today might be gone in a week, but there will be new flowers that have taken their place and are just as beautiful.

Kota and Brady were both happy to come along with me as we searched for different colors around the garden. I especially loved these vibrant, purple flowers. 

two dogs together in a flower garden
German Shepherd lying down next to purple flowers
handsome dog in a garden of purple flowers

Of course, we can’t be serious models all the time! Kota and Brady were both very happy when I got out some toys for a game a fetch. Kota brought her own favorite frisbee while Brady was happy chasing the ball that I always keep on hand for play breaks.

happy dog running across the lawn
dog jumping to catch a frisbee
German Shepherd lying down with a frisbee
two dogs sitting together on a wooden bridge

 It was such a pleasure spending time with and photographing these two beautiful German Shepherds! We all had so much fun exploring during Kota and Brady’s photo session. If you think your dog would also enjoy a photography adventure, please contact me and we can start planning a fun session for you dog.

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