Maki the Lappie
February 01, 2024

I knew I was in for an adventure when one of the requirements for Maki’s winter session was “bring snowshoes!”

Because Maki is a Finish Lapphund who absolutely loves the snow, we wanted her portraits to celebrate her arctic dog heritage. We also wanted to find a quiet place without any other dogs. Fortunately, her family new the perfect SniffSpot in Maine! This private farm’s beautiful fields of untouched snow were the perfect place for an early morning adventure (and it was a good thing we had snowshoes for the fresh snow!)

cute happy dog in the snow

Just look at Maki’s smile! Planning a day that she would love was the best decision for her portraits!

Dog standing in a beautiful, snow covered field in Maine
photograph of a happy dog running in the snow
epic photograph of a dog in a snowy landscape
dog running through the snow
dog shaking off snow after playing
professional dog portrait in winter
beautiful portrait of a dog standing in a snowy forest
portrait of a dog sitting in the snow and looking up
winter dog portrait in the forest in Maine
dog playing in the snow in Maine

I think it’s safe to say that we all had so much fun on Maki’s adventure in the snow! I love planning adventures that celebrate dogs when they’re at their happiest, whether that is bounding through snowdrifts in the winter or splashing at the beach in the summer.

Do you have a dog who doesn’t enjoy being around other dogs? That’s ok! I know some great options such a SniffSpots or hidden parks where we could easily have a place all to ourselves. Contact me and let’s plan an amazing adventure for your dog!

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