I met up with Otto for a walk in the woods just as the sun was getting low in the sky. It’s my favorite kind of light – that golden glow that happens late in the day. It was still early spring, so there were no leaves on the trees. That’s just fine with me – I love the warm golds and browns of winter, and the dogs love the cooler weather.

Otto was as handsome as could be and showed off his regal side as we explored the park.

After a bit of time spent wandering around and checking out the smells, Otto was ready to play. We got out a ball, and he had so much fun running in the field.

After some some playtime, we headed back down the trail. Otto had his own ideas about whether we were finished playing and he went off to find the biggest stick he could carry. We laughed while Otto pranced around with his prize.

I love how many different expressions Otto has, from happy “smiling” to handsome and regal. You can see in his eyes just how smart and thoughtful he is.

Days like this are why I love what I do – I get to bring people and their dogs out for an adventure, and the dogs keep us smiling the whole time. Would your dog enjoy a day out like Otto’s? Contact me to book your dog’s session.

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