Ruby the Australian Cobberdog
January 16, 2024

One of the most fun things about being a pet photographer is that I get to meet such a wide variety of dogs. I love when I get to meet a new breed, and Ruby was the very first Australian Cobberdog that I’ve photographed. I’m in love! She has the best, happy-go-lucky personality and I had so much fun watching her run and play in the snow.

Ruby is from the Boston area, but when her person told me that Ruby loves the snow, I knew we needed to plan a trip up to New Hampshire to find some snow for Ruby.

Ruby the Australian cobblerdog running in the snow
adorable dog having fun in the snow
happy dog covered in snowballs
dog playing in the snowy mountains

Doesn’t Ruby look like she’s having a blast? She spend the beginning of her adventure running and playing and absulutely covered in snow. After she used up some energy, we managed to brush some snow off her face so that I could capture her beautiful brown eyes.

winter portrait of a dog
beautiful portrait of a doodle dog in the snow in New Hampshire's White Mountains
black poodle mix standing in the snow in the mountains
very cute doodle dog looking up at owner
black Doodle dog in the snow in New Hampshire

Of course, it didn’t take long until she was right back to covering her whole beard in snow. Silly girl!

Australian Cobblerdog playing the snow
Labradoodle in the snow

At the end of Ruby’s adventure, the sun maged to peak through the clouds for just a few minutes. It was the perfect ending to our walk in the snowy woods of New Hampshire.

As I’m writing  this, I’m watching the snow fall outside of my window, covering the trees and grass in white. If you have a snow-loving pup, now is the perfect time to plan winter portraits! Contact me and let’s plan a snowy adventure for your dog’s photographs.

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