Rufus By The Ocean
August 06, 2019

It was a perfect, sunny, summer day when I met Rufus for his adventure in Rockport, MA. I wanted to do something extra special for this senior boy, so we planned out a walk that would end with us watching the sunset over the ocean. Actually, the humans did the walking while Rufus’ dad carried him to different spots where he could explore. Rufus made sure we all knew he was the star of the day!

Dog smiling at the camera with golden sunlight behind him
Rufus, the Miniature Pinscher dog, walking toward the camera

This boy was just bursting with personality! He was also very interested in all the different treats I carry in my camera bag.

Dog sitting on a rock cliff over looking the water
Portrait of a dog sitting in a field in Rockport, MA

He knows he’s handsome, but he also let me know exactly what he thought when I was being too slow with the treats…

Dog sticking his tongue out at the camera
Dog walking down the gravel path that leads to the beach

As the sun got lower in the sky, we headed down to the water. Rufus was happy to spend a little time relaxing while we waited for sunset to fill the sky with color. Of course, he was ready to model again as soon as I got the treats back out.

Dog standing on rocks looking at the sunset over the ocean

Shortly after I met Rufus, I got the heartbreaking news that he passed away. I’m so glad I had a chance to photograph this sweet boy and help create some beautiful, sunshine-filled memories for his family.

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