Serena in Boston
June 17, 2021

The city can be a busy and distracting place for many dogs, but it doesn’t get much quieter than sunrise on a Sunday morning. I met Serana and her family bright and early just before sunrise. Serena didn’t seem to mind the early start and was ready to play and explore!

This is one of my favorite parks because I just love the view of the Zakim Bridge. We started out watching the sunrise over Boston, and Serena was happy just taking in the view.

dog standing in front of a Zakim Bridge in Boston
mixed breed dog photographed on a bridge in Cambridge, MA

Serena was absolutely a star model, but we’re not all serious business during our photography sessions! We spend a lot of time laughing too, and the dogs always know how to make the humans smile. Just look at that tongue…

silly photo of a dog sticking her tongue out
Portrait photograph of a dog
mixed breed dog exploring in a park

I spotted this pink tree all the way across the park and knew that I had to include it in the photos. Luckily, Serena was happy to go for a walk! I love the vibrant colors.

colorful photograph of a dog
dog walking through a park in downtown Boston

Sunrise with Serena was the perfect start to my day! If your dog would enjoy an early morning adventure in the city (or anywhere else in New England), contact me and we can schedule your dog’s photography adventure.

Beyond the Fence specializes in Adventure Dog Photography. We photograph dogs exploring in natural landscapes throughout Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and beyond. Contact us to schedule a photography adventure session for your dog.

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