Taylor and Paige
October 05, 2017

I met Taylor and Paige on a perfect summer evening.  These two beautiful girls were full of the boundless energy that only a Labrador can have, and they covered me (and my camera!) with puppy kisses.  We began their session with a hike to the top of Weir Hill, and these happy girls led the way the whole time.

two yellow labs playing in a field

portrait of a Labrador Retriever

dog smiling at the camera

Look at those smiles!  There’s nothing like a hike to make any dog (or human!) smile.  Although I did convince them to pause for a few portraits first, it wasn’t long before they were ready for a game of fetch.  I think they would have chased their ball all evening if our arms hadn’t gotten tired from throwing.

dog leaping through the air to catch a ball

two Labrador retrievers chasing a ball

After their game, we continued walking through the woods.  The light from the setting sun sparkled through the trees, and Taylor and Paige both had the biggest doggie grins the whole time.  The humans had pretty big smiles too – there’s just something special about trees, sunlight, and happy dogs.

Paige the yellow lab sitting in the woods

two yellow lab dogs in a green forest

Taylor the yellow lab in the woods

As the sun continued lowering, we decided to head back to the top of the hill to watch the sunset.  Of course, we brought Taylor and Paige’s ball back out for some more playtime!

labrador retrievers playing with a ball in a field

yellow Labrador Retrievers sitting in tall grass at sunset

dog walking through a field at sunset

At the end of their session, the sun dipped below the horizon and the sky turned brilliant shades of pink and gold.  Taylor and Paige were happy to pose in the tall grass, as long that meant they got just one more throw of their ball.

two dogs sitting in a field in front of a beautiful sunset

I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of my favorite photos from Taylor and Paige’s walk in the woods!  If you and your dogs would like to have your very own sunset adventure, contact me for more information and to schedule your photography session.


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