Wash, Percy, and Frankie
February 09, 2024

 Wash, Percy, and Frankie’s adventure brought us into the woods, a place of trees and streams and pine needle covered trails. Their portraits were a Christmas gift for their family. I love the idea of portraits as a gift! The artwork in your home – something that you look at and enjoy every day! – should be meaningful, and what’s more special than your dog?

Wash, Percy, and Frankie were three of the sweetest souls, and they each certainly had their own unique personalities.

Three dogs posing on a picnic table

I made sure to capture the whole family together, and then I spent time with each dog indivially. I loved watching them explore and play in their own ways!

Sweet Pug looking up at the camera
Pekingese dog running in a field
Very cute Pomsky photo
portrait photograph of a Pekingese dog
Regal Pug photographed on a mossy covered rock
Adorable dog photographed in the woods

Do you have multiple dogs in your family who would love a forest adventure? Whether they have similar personalities or whether they’re polar opposites, I’m certain we can plan an adventure that will let their personalies shine! Contact me and let’s plan something extra special for your dog.

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