Winter Portraits for Boston
January 15, 2024

 Even without snow on the ground, I absolutely love the colors of winter portraits – clear blue skies, warm browns and golds, and deep green pines. The winter sun stays low in the sky, which means gorgeous golden hour light for most of the (short) day.

I met Boston on a perfect winter day. The sky was a vibrant blue, and Boston was so happy to be out on an adventure at Maudsley State Park in Newburyport, MA.

handsome dog in a winter field with a blue sky
happy dog looking up at a bright blue sky

We meandered through and open fields and then stopped in front of these beautiful spruce trees for a few family portraits (and of course, Boston got to star in a few portraits all on his own).

photographs of a dog and his owners at Maudslay State Park
family portrait with a dog
beautiful photographs of a dog in front of green pine trees

 We continued to wander through the park, but paused in the spot overlooking the Merrimack. This quiet moment was the perfect opportunity to capture the amazing bond between Boston and his person. I always encourage people to get in at least a few photographs with their dogs. These are the moments that you just can’t capture yourself but are just so special to have recorded.

photograph capturing the friendship between a man and his dog
portrait of handsome dog looking around a tree
beautiful portrait of a happy dog in the forest
professional dog photography at Maudslay State Park

Before Boston’s adventure, his family told me that Boston absolutely loved the snow! Unfortunately, there wasn’t any snow in the forcast (although I loved the winter colors anyway). But when we found a patch of snow that was protected by these shady trees, we just had to stop and let Boston play! Can you see the snowflakes on his nose?

Australian Shepherd mix dog standing in the snow at sunset
portrait of dog in winter

I had so much fun with Boston on his winter adventure in Maudsley State Park! It was an honor to capture these amazing moments for Boston’s family. If you’re interested in a winter photography adventure for your dog, contact me and let’s start planning!

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