Zeus and Otus in the Snow
February 08, 2018

There’s nothing quite like a fresh snowfall in New England!  We actually had Zeus and Otus’ photo session planned before we knew there was snow in the forecast, but the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  The world looked like a winter wonderland and the late afternoon sun came out just in time to make everything sparkle.

german shepherd standing in a snowy field

black lab standing in the snow

Zeus, the black Labrador Retriever, and Otus, the German Shepherd, were full of energy and wanted nothing more than to run and play in the snow.  I did manage to convince them to hold still for just a moment to capture how handsome they are.

portraits of Zeus, a black lab, and Otus, a german shepherd

But of course, no snow day would be complete without a good romp!  Otus was off and running as soon as he had the ok.

german shepherd running in the snow

dog standing in the snow

I know it’s not always easy to brave the cold, but I absolutely love winter light.  It just makes everything look so warm and golden.

If you and your dog are interested in a snowy adventure, I would love to brave the cold with you!  Winter is full of magic, and I promise there will be a warm up of hot chocolate waiting when we head back inside.  Contact me to schedule your dog’s winter photo session!

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