Zoe, Zeus, and Penny
February 06, 2024

I met Zoe, Zeus, and Penny for an early sping adventure. Their portraits were a Christmas gift, so we’d been planning ahead for their session for months! Zoe, the brindle girl, is the oldest member of this tiny pack, but she’s still ready to explore. Zeus and Penny are Chiweenie littermates and they were so much fun. Photographing three dogs together can be a challenge, but fortunately, Zoe, Zeus, and Penny brouight some extra human friends to help hold leashes, treats, and toys.

First up is handsome Zeus. He was happy to model in exchange for plenty of cookies.

Photo of a mixed breed dog standing in the sand and looking up at the camera.
Mischievous dog walking towards the camera and looking for treats.
Portrait photograph of a small, tan dog with beautiful eyes.

Next up is Zoe, the queen of the pack. She was such a star. As soon as she figured out that I was handing out cookies, she was ready for her close up. Keep scrolling to see Zoe’s very best head-tilt!

Cute dog smiling up at the camera.
Dog standing on rocks looking at the camera and tilting her head as she's listening.
Portrait of dog licking her nose with her pink tongue

Penny was most excited for her action photographs! We found a big, open field and she had a blast running and playing. I did manage to convince her pause long enough on the stone steps to capture her more majestic side. Aren’t her ears just so expressive?

Joyful little dog running through a grassy field
Very cute dog looking out from the steps of a stone mansion
Small dog standing in front of an old stone building.

Of course, no photography session is complete without getting the whole family together! It took a little patience and a lot of cookies, but I think the end result was worth it.

Three small dogs standing together in front a beautiful blue sky

Whether you have one dog or whole pack of dogs, I would love to meet and photograph your them! I love celebrating both each dog’s individual personalities and also making sure to capture those special portraits of the whole family together. Contact me and let’s plan a photography adventure for your pack!

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